3 Advantages Of Traveling – Lose Weight, Meet New People And Take A Break

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Would you want to go on an adventure and be a tourist? Would you want to see some new breathtaking scenery, experience a different culture, learn a new language, taste the local exotic food, and basically just have fun while travelling? You could even choose to travel with your family, friends, or you could even choose to travel alone! Whatever your reason, be it for leisure, business, spiritual, family, recreation or meditative purposes, traveling is definitely something fun to do. However in addition to simply having fun, are there any other benefits to traveling? And if there are, what are those benefits and how can they be advantageous for you? in order to find out more, please read on and find out.

Advantages Of Traveling

If you only thought that traveling was all fun and games, then you thought wrong. Even if you are not aware of it, traveling actually brings you a lot of advantages and here are some of them. Carefully read each one, wisely consider them, and the next time you are traveling, you should keep them in mind.

  1. travel-weight-loss-featured-image-384x569Losing weight while traveling. Aside from seeing new sights when you travel to a new place, you would naturally also want to taste new foods and taste the local cuisine. So how exactly do you go about losing weight while traveling when in the first place, you are easily tempted to taste the local food specialties? Well, in order to lose weight when you travel, you should get as much exercise as you can. Now you might be asking how you can exercise when you are too busy sight-seeing and doing some other tourist activities. Well the answer is simple. Instead of riding a cab or bus towards one destination, you should consider walking instead! Its what by buddy over at Comal Tubes does. He’s convinced his entire staff to do the same.

Why should you walk? Well, there are certain advantages to walking from place-to-place once you are in your destination. First of all, it helps you exercise while still being able to enjoy different sights as you walk. With the workout you get as you walk from one place to another, you will definitely be able to achieve your goal of losing weight while traveling! Worried about getting lost on your walk? Do not worry about that and instead, use the opportunity to explore even more! After all, no one knows you and where your exact destination is, so you should take the opportunity to just savor your walk and the various sights you see and the different people you come across on your walk. However, if you really want to get to one point without getting lost, you can easily purchase a map. Or better yet, you should just ask a local! After all, locals will be able to give you better directions compared to a map and you will be able to make new friends too.

  1. Meet new people. One of those most amazing things about traveling is that you get to meet new and different people. If you are the friendly type of person who wants to make friends everywhere he/she goes, then traveling is definitely the perfect opportunity for you to make new friends!
  1. Taking a break from your busy, hectic everyday life. If you are currently exhausted of your current busy and hectic routine of kid shuttling and carpet cleaning, you should definitely consider traveling. Traveling would be a great way for you to unwind and get away from the chaotic and busy life that you are living. If you really want to take a break from everything and everyone, you should even consider traveling alone. Use it as an opportunity to find yourself again, to take a breath and let your worries go.

These are just some of the advantages of traveling. So if you want to achieve your goal of losing weight while traveling, make sure to keep the tips mentioned above in mind. Also, if you simply want to meet new people, or if you just want to escape your current routine, you should also keep the above mentioned things in mind. Travel safe, lost weight, meet new people and have fun!

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado


I must admit – without having watched the popular cartoon called South Park, I might have never felt the urge to visit Denver. From the outside, it can seem like a cold place not exactly designed for tourism. However, the cartoon got me curious about what

Denver was really like and I decided to do some research.


Good place for a winter vacation


It turns out that tourism in Denver isn’t even unpopular – lots of people from different parts of the U.S. go to the city during the winter. This is due to the snowy mountains in found in seemingly every corner of Colorado’s capital during the winter season.


The combination of mountain terrain and ample amounts of snow creates exciting opportunities for skiing and snowboarding – both activities I very much enjoy. Aside from getting to do these sports, visiting will also let me experience first-person what I’ve learned is an integral piece of American heritage.


Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm


Knott’s Berry Farm’s name is somewhat deceiving – it’s not really a berry farm, or a farm at all, but rather a visually appealing theme park with multiple rides and attractions to choose from.


While not as known as some other locations with a similar purpose, the park definitely holds its own against its competition – some of the rides featured seem really thrilling, and I might find myself reluctant to try them out once I’m there.


Something for the young and the old


The main reason why I’d like to visit this park, however, is its beauty during the nighttime. The artificial lighting seems to light the park up like few other places I have seen, and I’m looking forward to visiting this California park at night in the company of some friends.


While the park is a terrific place for children due to the amount of beginner rides available, it’s just as ready to provide excitement to adults – many of the more challenging rides are only boarded by the truly brave of heart, as they undoubtedly provide a massive adrenaline rush. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing my friends’ scared faces on some of these roller coasters.


Losing weight on a cruise ship

They always say that you will gain a pound a day while on a cruise. This is probably because of the fact that there is so much food to eat, and so many different varieties of food available. Food is served 24 hours a day on all ends and levels of the ship it’s unbelievable.  So it’s pretty simple without any sort of effort to gain weight

But we really don’t want that to happen doing we want to lose weight while on a cruise there’s actually contests on some cruise lines I’ve heard of that reward you for gaining the least amount of weight.  Gaining the least amount of weight that’s interesting they must know everyone gains weight on a cruise ship.   A friend actually drank about a gallon of water before waiting in for this contest at the beginning of the ship cruise. At the end he weighed end and only gained 1 pound which really means he probably gained about 8 pounds because a gallon of water weighs a bunch.

But there is a way to lose weight while you’re on a cruise ship and still not cut yourself short on any of this wonderful food what’s the secret? Take the stairs there’s a long line for the elevator anyway just take the stairs you’re constantly going up and down from one level to the next one deck to the next one show to the next you’re doing a lot of walking anyway but that stair climbing is what does it.That’s the secret just take the stairs we went on a cruise and we actually lost weight just by taking the stairs it wasn’t a bunch only one to 3 pounds each but hey that was way better than gaining weight and we did not cut yourself short on food we ate like crazy town.